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Principal's Corner

Becky Breuker

February 28, 2017

We begin parent teacher conferences this week with our first evening of conferences on Thursday, March 9.  We are so thankful for the partnership we enjoy with each of you, our Evergreen parents.  We understand that you know your child best and we greatly value your insight as we work together to help our student grow in all areas of development.  We commit to taking the time needed for parent-teacher conferences because we find it so valuable to share with and listen to one another.  Thank you for your commitment to your child's Christian education and for your partnership with your child's teachers.  Parent-teacher conferences are one important piece of that partnership and we appreciate your attendance and participation.  Thank you.

As you know from the email blast that was sent this past weekend, I am recovering from surgery this week.  Ann Bakker is filling in at Evergreen in an administrative capacity and is available to you if needed.  On Thursday evening, Mrs. Bakker will be splitting her time between Evergreen's parent-teacher conferences and Iroquois' Showcase.  I am so thankful that Mrs. Bakker is willing to fill in for me while I recover at home next week.  Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.

I will return to school on March 13.

Grace and Peace,
Becky Breuker


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