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4th Grade - Michigan's Very Important People
click here:

4th Grade - Fun with Poetry

4th - 5th Book Bash Photo Stories
Mr. Quist

·         Photo Story Movies

5th - Current Events
Mr. Quist

5th - Maps and Globes
Mr. Quist



 Maps of the World

 National Geographic Map Machine

 Natural History of Africa

 People Moving in History

 Physical Map of the World

 Political Map of the World

 Standard Time Zones of the World

5th Science - Health - Nutrition



 Cookalotamus-Cooking with Kids


 Family Education - Food and Recipes

 Good info found here.

 FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition


 Nutrition: AG's Cool Nutrition


 Nutrition: Body and Mind (Center for Disease Control)
 – Click on Food and Nutrition


 Nutrition: – Explore what 5 a day means


 Nutrition: Explore the world of nutrition with explorations.

 Nutrition: Fruits and Veggies Matter


 Nutrition: Science News for Kids – Choose “Food for Life,
 The Color of Health, Packing Fat, Building a Food Pyramid
 or Strong Bones for Life” to find good information.

 Nutrition: – Start with “Can Your
 Food Do That?”

5th Social Studies - Canada



 Canada - EnchantedLearning


 Canadian Almanac Information

 Brief history of Canada from Information Please Almanac

 CIA Factbook - Canada

 Information on Canada from the CIA Factbook

 Dept. of State - Canada

 Information on Canada from U.S. Department of State

 Fact Monster - Canada

 Information on Canada from Fact Monster

 Government of Canada


 Map of Canada

 Interactive map of Canada.

 Oh Canada, Here We Come!

 Statistics Canada

 The World Factbook

 Choose a country from the dropdown menu for facts about that country.


 Yahooligans for Canada

 Zoom School Canada

5th Social Studies-Canada-Ted Harrison

·         Ted Harrison-Biography

·         Ted Harrison - his official site 

·         Ted Harrison-Is Ted Harrison the 'Mystery Artist'?

5th Social Studies - Central America



 Altapedia Online

 Information and statistics for your country

 CIA World Factbook

 Information on the geography, people, government, economy, communication,
 transportation, military, and transnational issues.


 An interesting array of information and beautiful pictures for a few South
 American and Latin American countries


 Infonation is a database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date
 statistical data for members of the UN.Click on your country name and it will then
 allow you to select your data fields

 Interactive Factbook

 Lots of information on the geography, people, government, economy, transportation,
 communications, and defense.

5th Social Studies - Mexico and Central America



 Central America

 Select a country and look up information in the Almanac or Encyclopeda

 Meet Mexico

 Information from the Mexican Embassy


 Click on the Almanac and the Encyclopedia to find out more about Mexico.

 Mexico and Central America

 Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport

 Mexico for Kids


 The World Factbook

 Choose a country from the dropdown menu for facts about that country.

5th Social Studies - USA



 A to Z Kids Stuff


 Color Landform Atlas of the United States


 Explore The States

 Click on the name of the state you want to explore.

 Fact Monster


 Maps of the World


 Place the State

 How good are your map skills?

 States and Capitals


 The States

 Learn about the many regions of the U.S. through the fun facts,
 stats, and more at The History Channel's interactive website
 The States.

 The United States of America: The Land of
 Stars and Stripes

This site has TONS of information! Be sure to check it out.

 Visit the U.S From Coast to Coast

 Welcome to The

5th - Writing and Composition

·         6 Traits

·         A Guide to Grammar and Writing 

·         Standards for Narrative Writing

·         Traci's Lists of Ten

K - 6 Math - Decimals and Fractions



 Builder Ted

 Help Builder Ted climb to the top of the house by placing the bricks
 on the ladder in numerical order.


 Place value and ordering decimals

 Fraction Games

 A variety of games from this site.

 Improper Fractions and Mixed Fractions

 Earn 10 points and then try to stop the birds from stealing the egg.

 Mighty Math Number Heroes

 Make an equivalent fraction and launch the fireworks.

 Renaming Fractions


 Teach R Kids Math

 Choose only the links marked FREE!

K - 6 Math - Multiplication & Division



 Multiplication Matho

 Discover the picture.

 Multiplication Mystery

 Make a multiplication table and discover a hidden picture.

 SpeedMath - Multiply and Divide


 Teach R Kids Math

 Choose only the links marked FREE!

 Two Digit Multiplication


K - 6 Math - Range, Mean, Median and Mode



 Dr. Howard Ufigure's Math Tutorials

 Explaination and practice with range, mean, median and mode.
 Unfortunately the practice area of range doesn't load completely.

 Mean, Mode, and Median

 Students read story problems, figure the answers on paper, and
 click on answers to find out if they are correct.


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