You need heart, mind, and soul to change the world.

Ask anyone who knows Grand Rapids Christian Schools. They'll tell you that our schools' influence reaches far beyond the classroom. At Grand Rapids Christian Schools, we want students to not only learn, but to serve, with classes that are as spiritually rewarding as they are academically challenging. We're developing leaders: young people who openly share their faith and values.

Today's students are tomorrow's strength: entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers and pastors. At Grand Rapids Christian Schools we're preparing young people with skills, knowledge and values that will last a lifetime. We're preparing them to learn, to serve, to lead.

Eagle Chatter:

Sharing Our Stories
There are so many stories to tell about the exciting things happening at Grand Rapids Christian Schools! These stories are wonderful examples of how our teachers, students, staff, and programs work together to build a vibrant, growing community where the focus is becoming servants of Christ.  Read more in Sharing Our Stories.

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GRCHS Chapel Note - February 9, 2016
Pastor Nick Hopkins from Shawnee Park CRC spoke today on perfecting the act of forgiveness.  He encouraged us to forgive ourselves – to speak this forgiveness and repeat it as necessary.  He then encouraged us to do something about it – acknowledging the grace we have received and passing that grace on to someone else.

Amazon Smile
Grand Rapids Christian Schools is a participant in the Amazon Smile Program.   If you ever order through Amazon please login through the Amazon Smile Program and a percentage of your order will go to Grand Rapids Christian Schools. For details about the program login to Amazon Smile.

Future Eagle Days

Want to know what it’s like to be a student at Grand Rapids Christian High? Join us at our Future Eagle Day on February 26, where students and parents have the opportunity to learn more about our school and see what it’s like to be a Grand Rapids Christian Eagle for a day.  Get more information here.

Parents of young students and recent alumni:
Join us at this year's BlueBlack event at Long Road Distillers on Wednesday, February 3, 2016. BlueBlack is a social giving group which gets together to network, have fun, and strengthen ties with our schools. This year’s event kicks off the 2nd annual Parent Giving Challenge happening during February. For more information or to RSVP, go to


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