Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School

Evergreen Campus

Parents' Comments:   

  • My five - year old got out the trees book. She was going through it, and she said, “Come with me, Daddy!  Can you please pull the branch down so I can see the flowers?” She was right in her identification! – Evergreen has helped inculcating a mind of curiosity. She’s asking the questions.  I have to believe that she’s simply been inculcated with all of that and she’s putting it altogether.  She’s five! We see it in our seven - year old, too.

  • I feel like our older kids have been taught in such a way that they now enjoy the process of learning.

  • Inquiry learning drew me in, and then the multi-age classrooms. I value the idea of teaching how to think rather than what to think.”

  • The balanced calendar attracted us, but this program taught them how to think, rather than memorize and regurgitate.

  • The first thing that comes to mind is the community – a family atmosphere which is partly due to the size of the school.


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