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Faculty and Staff Directory

These directories are restricted for use by Grand Rapids Christian Schools constituents solely for communication of school-related matters among members of the school community. No other use is authorized. This directory should not be used for mailing lists or solicitation purposes.


Grand Rapids Christian Schools Faculty & Staff Directory

Kevin VanHarn

Math Teacher

Dominique VanHill

Preschool Teacher

Rachel VanSchepen

Support Service Office Assistant

Sue VanTimmeren

2nd Grade Teacher

Nancy VanWinkle

Intervention Aide

Sheri VanWoerkom

Intervention Aide

Abby Vedders

6th Grade Teacher

Maricella Velasquez

Food Service

Linda Vellenga

Admissions Director

Corey Visker

Team 2 Teacher

Kristin Visser

Science Teacher

Dan Voetberg

8th Grade Teacher

Jim Vos

8th Grade Teacher

Liz Vrooman

Spanish Immersion Coordinator, Spanish Teacher

Ben Warners


Mark Warners

Math Teacher

Phil Warners

Director of Outdoor Education

Julie Watson

International Student Office Assistant

Heather Westrate

Intervention Aide

Amber Wierenga

Attendance Officer

Carolyn Wilcox

Kids Care

Jan Wilkins

Instructional Aide

Joelle Williams

International Student Program Director

Linda Williams

Inclusion Aide

Karen Witte

New 2 You General Manager

Elizabeth Wolf

1st Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher

Amy Worden

8th Grade Teacher
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