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Faculty and Staff Directory

These directories are restricted for use by Grand Rapids Christian Schools constituents solely for communication of school-related matters among members of the school community. No other use is authorized. This directory should not be used for mailing lists or solicitation purposes.


Grand Rapids Christian Schools Faculty & Staff Directory

Shirlene Abma

Intervention Aide

Vanessa Abreu

Spanish Immersion Coordinator

Kelsey Ambrose

4th Grade Spanish Immersion

Jill Anderson

Counseling Office Assistant

Angeline Andrews-Avila

Guidance Counselor

Jane Apol

Intervention Aide

Taylor Asfour

4th Grade

Kate Avila


Jennifer Bailey

Food Service

Laura Baker

Incusion Aide

Sheryl Baker

2nd Grade

Tamara Baker

Library Media Specialist

Ann Bakker


Richard Bakker


Barbara Banaszak

Support Services Aide

Rachel Bardolph


John Barkel


Julie Barrett

5th Grade

Marge Bartholomew

Preschool Aide

Miriam Bartleson

Academically Talented Aide

Cynthia Betts

Orchestra Director

Pam Bishop

Food Service

Stacey Boender

Youth Recreation Specialist
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