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Attendance — Iroquois, Evergreen, Rockford Christian

Iroquois, Evergreen, Rockford

School attendance is compulsory by Michigan law. Grand Rapids Christian School is responsible to keep complete attendance records. Regular school attendance is extremely important and essential for successful school progress. 


When a student will be absent from school, a parent or guardian must contact the office by phone, absence line, or email office staff by 8:00 am (Evergreen/Iroquois) or 9:00 am (Rockford Christian), the same day of the absence. 

Voicemail is accessible 24 hours so messages may be left the night before as well.

If a student is not reported late or absent by 8:00 am (Evergreen/Iroquois) or 9:00 am (Rockford Christian), calls are made until we can be certain of the child's safety and well-being. Please use this message system for reporting absences and/or times your student(s) will be late due to appointments or other reasons. 

Please report: 

  1. Your student’s name 

  2. The day/date of your child’s absence or tardiness

  3. The reason for their absence (if sick please report symptoms). 

  4. If a late arrival, please indicate if a school lunch is to be ordered for your student.

Students who arrive after the school day has started must report to the school office in order to sign in and receive an admission pass. 

If a student becomes ill or must leave school for an appointment, school staff must be notified and the student needs to be signed out in the school office before leaving. Students will not be sent home from school for any reason without parental consent. We have an emergency authorization form on file including the name of an emergency contact if the parent is not at home.

Extended Absences

When a student is absent as a result of a family vacation, teachers will work with parents to keep the student up-to-date in their school work. Teachers are not required to prepare student homework prior to the student's leaving. It is the parent's responsibility to contact the teacher to find out what was missed. The teacher will decide what and when make-up work and tests will be given and must be completed. 


Please make every effort to have your student at school by 8:30 am. This allows your student time enough to put away their things and get into the classroom before the start of school. The first fifteen minutes of your student’s schedule is very important in setting the mood and performance for the rest of the day. All the classrooms begin the day in devotions, daily announcements, and hot/cold lunch ordering.

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