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Attendance — GRCMS

Attendance — GRCMS

School attendance is compulsory by Michigan law. Grand Rapids Christian Middle School is responsible to keep complete attendance records. Regular school attendance is extremely important and essential for successful school progress. 


When a student is absent from school, a parent or guardian must call the attendance voicemail number (616.574.6389) or send an email to and follow the instructions given by 8:00 am, the same day of the absence. These communication tools are available 24 hours a day. If a student is not reported late or absent by 8:00 am, calls will be made until we can be certain of the child’s safety and well being.

Please report your students’ name, grade, homeroom teacher, date and reason for absence (if sick please include symptoms).

Students who are absent from school all day may not participate in after school extra-curricular activities (clubs, plays, sports, etc.). To participate in the activity, the student must be present for at least half of the school day.

Students who arrive after the school day has begun must report to the school office to receive an admission pass. Advance notice must be given for all absences except illness.

Absences from school fall into three categories:

Excused Absence:

  1. The absence is due to sickness, doctor’s appointment, emergency, etc.

  2. School excuses the student

  3. Students must communicate with their teachers about making up missed work

Absent by withdrawal:

  1. A parent or guardian withdraws the student for personal reasons that are not excusable by the school (e.g., vacations, shopping, babysitting, etc.).

  2. Students must communicate with their teachers about making up missed work.

One-week prior notice is required when students are absent by withdrawal. A “Withdrawal Request Form” must be obtained from the office, completed, and filed in the office. Teachers may, but are not required to, provide assignments prior to the student’s absence. Students will not receive a reduced grade for days missed but are held accountable for the material covered during the absence.

Unexcused Absence:

  1. Neither home nor school has given permission for the absence

  2. Work is made up after hours

  3. Zeroes are given for classes missed

  4. Some disciplinary action is taken

Students are responsible to make up work missed as a result of an absence. They should approach teachers to ask for the work missed. Sufficient time will be given for the completion of the work, and teachers will inform students of a due date. All make-up work must be turned in by the end of the marking period. In situations where make-up work is not turned in, students will receive an incomplete on the report card. It may also affect participation in school activities and events. Parents are encouraged to email classroom teachers and check online for assignments.

Extended Absences

When a student is absent as a result of a family vacation, teachers will work with parents to keep the student up-to-date in their school work. Teachers are not required to prepare student homework prior to the student's leaving. It is the parent's responsibility to contact the teacher to find out what was missed. The teacher will decide what and when make-up work and tests will be given and must be completed. 


Please make every effort to have your student at school by 7:55 am. This allows your student time to put away their things and get into the classroom by 8:00 am, the start of school. All classrooms begin the day in devotions, daily announcements, and lunch ordering. Students are expected to be on time to classes and are taught that being punctual is being responsible.