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Behavior Code — Iroquois, Evergreen, Rockford Christian

Behavior Code
Iroquois, Evergreen, Rockford Christian


Students are responsible for treating themselves and all other students and adults with the respect due to them as given by God. For example, this means no put-downs, verbal abuse, back-talk, or inappropriate remarks to other students or those in authority. Students are responsible for carrying out the instructions of teachers, administrators, aides, substitute teachers, coaches, tutors, etc. 

Student Language

If a student uses profanity, violent phrases, or other inappropriate language our teachers and administrators consider it a teaching opportunity and will deal with it directly in a firm, loving manner. Our students are taught that bad language does not honor God and will not be tolerated at school. If the problem persists with a particular student the parents will then be notified. 


Students learn good stewardship in caring for their own belongings and respecting the property of others. Students are expected to treat school property with respect including buildings, furnishings, learning materials, technology, and school grounds.

Students are also expected to respect others’ property (desks, lockers, locker contents, supplies, etc.). It is important for students to take responsibility when they cause damage to things that do not belong to them. If this occurs, the school will work with the student and parents towards an equitable agreement for restitution.

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