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Building Security

Building Security

It is very important for our students, staff, and parents to feel safe and secure at school. When we partner together on safety issues we can be assured that all will respond with caution and confidence in the case of an emergency. 

Emergency Response

Student, staff, and visitor safety is a high priority at Grand Rapids Christian Schools. We recognize that school security is essential for student learning and parents’ peace of mind. Within that context, emergency response notification systems are installed at each of our school buildings. These rapid notification systems, which include video surveillance, notify our local police and medical first responders in the case of an emergency through a communication portal that equips both first responders and building occupants to make more informed decisions quickly.

One of the systems, ZeroEyes, provides real-time intelligence for life-threatening situational awareness while respecting the privacy and rights of our students and staff. 

 As we continue to foster a nurturing environment for our students, We appreciate your ongoing partnership and dedication to making GRCS a safe haven for learning and faith nurture!


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance/electronic monitoring systems serve to complement GRCS staff’s ongoing vigilance to monitor and supervise our schools to promote and foster a safe and secure teaching and learning environment for students and staff. Through video surveillance, we enhance security for everyone, and video recordings may be used to assist as evidence of legal or disciplinary actions. Video surveillance signs stating that we use video surveillance are posted at the main entrances of our schools. 

Video recordings may be viewed by authorized administrators and designated other employees.  If determined appropriate and at the discretion of building administrative staff, video recordings may be viewed by parents/guardians of minor-age students, students who are at least 18 years of age, and law enforcement officials for the purpose of providing evidence in disciplinary actions.

Invasion of the privacy of another student, concern for the safety of another student present in the recording, and possible interference with a law enforcement investigation are factors considered when refusing to grant others permission to view video recordings. 

Visitor Sign In

All GRCS Campuses require that all non-GRCS employees sign in at the school office and obtain a visitor name tag which must be worn for the duration of their time in the building. Visitors need to sign out upon leaving. 


State regulations require that we have fire, tornado, and lockdown drills during the school year. A log of each school's drills can be found on the website at in accordance with Public Act 12 of 2014.

Crisis Plan

There is a comprehensive crisis management manual that addresses what the staff will do in case of various emergency situations. A copy of this manual is given to and reviewed with each staff member yearly. Necessary crisis documents are kept in a pouch hung by each classroom door. Copies are available to parents upon request to the school office.

Grand Rapids Christian High School

In order to maintain an appropriate level of security, exterior doors, including the student entrance, are locked during the school day and security cameras are in use. Students, parents, and guests can only access the building through the main office entrance during school hours. Propping doors or opening them to allow access to the building violates school security, and is grounds for disciplinary action. 

Tampering with security cameras is grounds for disciplinary action. 

To keep our campus secure, all visitors are required to check in with the attendance supervisor or the receptionist in the main office as soon as they arrive on campus. Items to be delivered to students and/or placed in students’ vehicles must be approved by the attendance supervisor or the receptionist in the main office. To minimize disruption to classes, items brought in for students are delivered between class periods by school personnel. 

Students must be in supervised areas of the building while at school. After school, students are expected to leave the premises at 3:15 pm, unless they are participating in a school-supervised activity on the campus. In that case, they are to report directly to their assigned locations, remain there until the conclusion of their activity, and then leave the premises immediately following that end-time. 

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