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Transportation is available for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1 of the current school year in order to ride the bus. There is no transportation for preschool students.

Specific bus routes with pick-up/drop-off locations are determined by Grand Rapids Christian Schools and/or Grand Rapids Public Schools/Rockford Public Schools and communicated through the GRCS Transportation Department.  Questions regarding busing should be directed to the GRCS Transportation Department at 616.574.5710.

Grand Rapids City Schools

Bus transportation is provided for our constituents by Grand Rapids Christian Schools and Grand Rapids Public Schools as follows: 

  • Student qualifying distance* Elementary (K-4) 1.0 mile 

  • Special education door to door 

  • *Qualifying Distance means you must live this far away from school in order to qualify for transportation

  • Your specific bus route and pick-up/drop-off locations are determined and communicated through the GRCS transportation department.

Rockford Christian

Bus transportation is provided for our constituents by Grand Rapids Christian Schools and Rockford Public Schools as follows: 

  • Students living within the Rockford Public School district are eligible for busing provided by Rockford Public Schools.

  • In the summer, Rockford Christian School notifies Rockford Transportation of those students whom we assume will be using RPS transportation.

  • If you move during the school year, parents should notify RPS transportation of this so transportation changes can be made accordingly.

  • In the morning, students ride from their “home” stop to the RPS elementary building they would attend if attending RPS.

  • From there, a shuttle bus takes students to RCS. In the afternoon, the process is repeated in reverse for the ride home.

  • Families living outside the RPS district should contact GRCS Transportation to see if busing is provided to their location.

Questions regarding busing should be directed to the GRCS Transportation Department at 616.574.5710

Responsibility of Students Riding School Buses

To promote good conduct and safety on the bus, any student reported by the bus driver or supervising staff as not honoring school behavior expectations on the school bus will be summoned to the office and warned of penalties involved for behavior infractions. The rules of conduct for school bus passengers are outlined below.

  1. Be at the bus stop five minutes early, both morning and evening. (The driver is responsible for maintenance of the bus schedule and cannot wait for tardy pupils.) 

  2. No sleds are allowed on the bus. 

  3. Stand back from the curb edge or roadway - stand quietly.

  4. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to get on or off the bus. 

  5. Be seated and refrain from moving around while the bus is in motion. 

  6. No pushing or loud talking. 

  7. Profanity will not be tolerated. 

  8. Keep hands and head inside the bus at all times. 

  9. Keep the bus clean and orderly - never put anything in aisles. (Throwing articles out of the bus is strictly prohibited.) 

  10. Enter and leave the bus at the front door (except in cases of emergency). 

  11. Emergency doors are for emergency use only. Do not tamper with them. 

  12. Obey the driver at all times. 

The driver has been ordered to enforce the above regulations. They report all violations, and transportation may be denied. Written permission to ride again would be necessary from the school principal. 

Bus Misconduct Notice

  1. Reported first offense: Student conversation with building principal and written notification to parents.

  2. Reported 2nd offense:  Three to five day bus suspension, student conversation with building principal, and written notification to parents.

  3. Reported 3rd offense:  Minimum of one week bus suspension and parent/student conference with building principal.


*Building principals have the discretion to move to 2nd offense or 3rd offense consequences instead of 1st offense consequences based on the severity of student behavior.

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