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Core Values

Core Values

At GRCS, everything is inspired by and anchored in the 3 C’s - Christ, Community and Commitment. These three enduring pillars are our firm foundation, unifying lens and cultural framework guiding us collectively and individually. They are not meant to be an extensive or exhaustive list of all the values we seek to live out, but rather the fundamental core values that we build upon. The 3 C’s challenge us to keep God first in everything, love our neighbors as ourselves and personally commit to leading lives of purpose. 

The 3 C’s

CHRIST- We are rooted in Christ

We believe our world belongs to God and we actively seek to grow deeper in our knowledge of Him, our love for His word and our understanding that everything we do is for His honor and glory. We fully embrace Jesus’ command in Matthew 22:37-40 to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” and to “love your neighbor as yourself.” We are disciples of Christ, prepared to follow him with faithfulness, resilience and humility in a broken but hopeful world. 

COMMUNITY - We are better together

We are a community of belonging, connected through relationships and reflected in the love and respect we show one another. We believe that all people are made uniquely in the image of God. As His image-bearers and covenant partners, we are committed to creating a redemptive environment that reflects the rich differences of God’s creation. We strive to make everyone in our community feel known, loved and connected so they are able to grow in their faith and live into their God-given potential. As followers of Christ and thoughtful neighbors, we practice hospitality, compassion, service and empathy for all those around us. 

COMMITMENT - We lead lives of purpose

We believe that character matters and we are serious about growth, our own and others. We are committed to excellence as God defines it, giving our best for His glory. We believe that strength is for service, not for status, and we carry that mindset in the classroom, in competition and in our community. We actively pursue greater wholeness in the world by walking justly and living generously (giving of our time, talent and treasure) to visibly reveal and extend the love of Christ in transformative ways.

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