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Off-Campus Learning Policy

Off-Campus Learning

21st-century technology affords us many opportunities to have students continue their learning and complete assignments even while not on campus. Grand Rapids Christian Schools has established Off-campus learning to provide students with opportunities for learning to continue on days when our campuses are closed. School is not “closed” when we cannot be on our campuses. Off-campus or virtual learning is considered by Grand Rapids Schools as an acceptable alternate format for delivering our educational program.

Off-Campus Learning – Short Term

When an unanticipated school closure occurs, parents are notified via our texting notification system as well as on our website, office phones, and television and radio stations. The message will include a reminder to look for information later in the morning regarding Off-campus learning opportunities for students. Each school campus notifies its respective constituency no later than 10:00 am of what is expected for that particular day in preparation for returning to school the next day.

During off-campus learning days, middle and high school teachers will communicate appropriate learning assignments that are reasonable for students to be able to complete and will monitor their email throughout the day in order to respond to student questions that may arise. Families with elementary students will receive developmentally appropriate learning activities.

Off-Campus/Virtual Learning – Long Term

Grand Rapids Christian Schools prioritizes in-person instruction but is prepared to flexibly respond when campuses are closed because of unforeseen events or circumstances beyond schools’ control. At such a time, Grand Rapids Christian Schools provides our educational program via virtual learning to students and streams and/or records classroom lessons and provides schedules when students are required to participate in online learning. As appropriate, recordings of lessons are posted to a secure website at a scheduled time of the day and available for students to view “on demand.”

While the video stream will focus on the teacher, and not on individual students, it may incidentally capture students in the classroom from time to time. Parents or guardians of a student who is under the age of 18 (or a student who is age 18 or older) who do not want their student to be part of the classroom video stream must submit a Streaming Video Opt-Out Form. Grand Rapids Christian Schools will make its best efforts to ensure that students who are opted-out are not a part of a video stream.

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