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Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Graduate

By using their unique gifts to glorify God, pursue personal faith, and bring about shalom in the world, graduates of Grand Rapids Christian Schools are:

Culturally Competent

  • Prepared to engage with a diverse range of people and ideologies.

Communicators And Collaborators

  • Prepared to work in a team environment, articulate ideas, and consider multiple viewpoints.

Thoughtful Neighbors

  • Prepared to practice hospitality, compassion, service, and empathy for those around them.

Justice Seekers

  • Prepared to actively pursue greater wholeness in the world by working for justice and practicing stewardship.

Creative Solution Finders

  • Prepared to identify issues, engage in critical thinking, and persistently work toward solutions.

Lifelong Explorers

  • Prepared to live a life of discovery and wonder in God’s world.

Disciples Of Christ

  • Prepared to follow Christ with faithfulness, resilience, and humility in a broken but hopeful world.

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