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Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items

The use of some items is prohibited on school property. This includes, but is not limited to fireworks, water or air pistols, or anything that can be used as a weapon. If these items are seen at school, they will be confiscated. Possession of these items may also result in additional disciplinary actions.  

Policy On Weapons, Drugs, Alcohol, And Tobacco

A student apprehended in possession of an illicit or controlled substance(s) or alcohol during the school day or at school functions shall be subject to discipline as follows: 

  1. The student will immediately be placed in the custody of the Principal or their appointed representative. 
  2. The Principal will immediately contact the student's parents and a designated member of the Principal’s Advisory Team. 
  3. Following this, there will be a conference attended by the student, the parent, and the Principal. The discussion will include therapeutic action to be taken and a warning of what the results of a second occurrence would be. The student will be released to parental custody or police custody if appropriate. 
  4. The student will be suspended from school for up to two weeks. 
  5. The student is allowed to return from suspension following a conference with the parents and the Principal concerning actions, which have been taken by the family to correct the problem. The student will be on probation in accordance with the terms set by the board. 
  6. The distribution or sale of either alcohol or illicit or controlled substance(s) at school or school functions will result in immediate expulsion and notification of the police. 

Discipline is the training that develops self-control, character, orderliness, and efficiency. It is the key to good conduct and proper consideration for others. The goal of school discipline is the development of the child in these areas. 

The focus of discipline is our deep desire to have students learn from their mistakes and to develop an intense commitment to do right. We are training children to live by God's command to love their neighbor as themselves. Our discipline practices encourage children to always give their best effort. We expect them to be God's healing agents in the world they live in.

Campus Safety

Providing a safe and orderly environment on the school campus, both inside and outside the school building is a priority. Student-organized group activities that pose a thresat to student safety (e.g. water fights or snowball fights) will result in school discipline being imposed, which may include suspension.

  • Students must have a positive attendance and behavior record at school to attend activities and dances. 

Animals and Pets

Students may not bring pets or animals to school. Animals are also prohibited on school buses.

Unauthorized Sales

Students may not buy or sell products in school. Participating in this activity may result in a consequence or loss of school privleges. 

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