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Restricted Campus

Restricted Campus

Once students arrive on campus they are to remain on campus until the conclusion of their last assigned class period, including responsibility period and guided study, each school day. This means no walking or driving off the premises of GRCHS during the school day including break times. If students need to leave for special reasons, they must provide parent permission and check out with the attendance supervisor or the receptionist in the main office. Students who do not have parent notes will be held at school until parents are contacted to give permission for leaving. 

Students who leave campus without school permission risk losing school privileges including lunch and driving privileges, possible suspension, and a communication with the parent/guardian. 

Students may not be in the parking lot or in parked cars in the school lots during the school day. Students who need to access their cars during the school day must receive permission from the Attendance Supervisor or the receptionist in the main office.

Seniors who have parent-excused during the last period of the school day, and who choose to leave campus may not return to the campus prior to 2:50 pm. Seniors who are locked into a focus period, must stay until the end of that session. If senior students with a parent-excused are not locked into a focus time, they must sign-up for the parent-excused focus session. If senior students abuse these privileges, they forfeit their parent-excused period and be assigned to responsibility period.

Food Availability

Because GRCHS has a full-service food delivery system, students may not have food delivered to them by outside vendors or friends. Any food brought to campus by those providers will be held until the end of the school day for the student to pick up prior to leaving the campus. Parents may continue to bring their students lunches as they wish and those should be brought to the school’s main office or the attendance office for delivery to their children.