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School to Home Communication

School to Home Communication

Electronic Bulletins 

The school communicates primarily through the Home Bulletins. These weekly digital (bi-weekly at GRCHS) publications are emailed to all current parents at each campus. The bulletins are also posted on the schools’ website ( The bulletins are used to share campus-specific information and news, announcements, and updates on past and upcoming events.

If you are not receiving the home bulletin and would like to, please email Megan Gritter.

The district bulletin, The Nest News, is sent via email to parents, students, and staff and published on the school website each month. The goal of the publication is to provide updates on the many activities and events that occur at the five Grand Rapids Christian School campuses every month.

Parent Portal

The GRCS website Parent Portal ( includes information for parents that we don't include on our public websites such as online directories, lunch menu and payment information, bell schedules, and a link to ParentVUE.


ParentVUE lets you find out your child’s school information. Our parent portal for our student information management system, gives you access to your child’s schedule, grade book, attendance, and report cards. When logged into ParentVUE, go to Account to set up automatic notifications to receive automated emails on attendance and grade book. See the ParentVUE User Guide for more information. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Parent-Teacher Conferences take place in the fall and spring. Teachers are available in the All-City Gym for 2 nights, parents can drop in either night and choose the teachers you wish to see. A schedule with part-time teacher availability will be emailed to you before conferences take place. 

Grand Rapids Christian Middle School

Classroom and co-curricular teachers set aside time for parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring. We encourage parents to take the time to meet and review their child’s progress.

GRCES Evergreen and Iroquois, Rockford Christian (Elementary) 

In the fall and spring classroom teachers set aside time for parent/teacher conferences. While it is not required, we encourage parents to take the time to meet and review their child’s progress. Also, please be respectful of the time the teacher has set aside to discuss your student. Notify the office immediately if you cannot keep your scheduled time. 

Classroom Communication

GRCES Evergreen and Iroquois, Rockford Christian (Elementary) 

Teachers weekly communicate important information via email. Student learning captured via photos, audio, video, and captions will be shared with families via Seesaw.

Report Cards

Grand Rapids Christian High School

Report cards can be accessed in ParentVUE or on the ParentVUE app under 'Documents' after Fall and Spring Semesters are complete. These PDF documents can be printed or downloaded.

Grand Rapids Christian Middle School

Report Cards are available online at the end of each semester via ParentVUE.

Progress Report

Grand Rapids Christian Middle School, Rockford Christian, Evergreen Iroquois

For students in grades K-4, a copy of your student’s Progress Report will be available online at the end of each semester. Please contact the office for your login name and password. For students in grades 5-8, report cards will be available at the end of each semester.

Problem Solving

Open and honest communication between parents and teachers is very important and the responsibility of both. It is within the context of open communication that problems will be solved. If parents have questions or comments regarding general school policy, they should contact administrative staff to discuss these concerns. In other situations, parents are asked to contact the staff person who is closest to the situation. If the situation is unresolved, the principal should be contacted.

Chain of Communication

We understand that questions and concerns may arise during the school year. As Christians, we know that God calls us to bring our concerns and questions to one another in love and respect. If a question,  problem, or concern develops in class, please have your child reach out to their teacher via email or in-person to gain understanding. If questions remain, it is recommended that you and your student follow the chain of communication to bring about a resolution. 


  1. Classroom teacher
  2. Student’s Counselor
  3. Building administration
  4. Superintendent


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