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Student Driver Parking Policies

Student Driver Parking Policies

All students who drive to school are responsible to know and abide by the restrictive driving and parking regulations at GRCHS. Violation of driving and parking policy will result in penalties that include fines, loss of driving privileges, and suspension from school. 

Students driving to school through the near neighborhoods are expected to use extra caution because of the number of small children and students walking to area schools. Students who are reported to the administration for reckless driving in that area may expect consequences to be imposed by the school.

Regulations for Driving and Parking

Given that driving to and parking at school is a privilege and not a right, Grand Rapids Christian High School expects that students to whom the privilege is extended will abide by the regulations listed below.


  1. All vehicles driven to school that are used by students and staff must be registered in the school office and a registration sticker must be properly affixed to the front windshield on the passenger side.

  2. Each student must submit a written application with parental signature for a parking permit.

Notes on parking:

  • Applications for parking permits are due in the school office by August 7, 2023.

  • Parking permits will be distributed at orientation.

  • If a student begins driving during the year, a permit can be requested at that time.

  • If a student with a registered parking permit drives a different vehicle on a given day, they are required to register the temporary vehicle in the office.

  • If you change a car during the year, you must register the new car in the office. You can transfer the sticker to the new car or request a new sticker.

Student vehicles are to be parked properly in designated white line parking spaces, in the student parking areas. Please note: The service drive on the east side of the school is a fire lane and may not be used for parking. Cars must park in the student parking areas, not in the visitor spaces, yellow-lined spaces, or in the staff lot.

Cars not normally driven to school must be registered with a day permit in the school office either the afternoon before or at the beginning of the school day.

The Shawnee Church circle drive and lower lot are off-limits to the school. The school service drive and bus turnaround circle may not be used by students for parking. In order to be a good neighbor and because of the congested traffic situation on the. narrow streets surrounding the school, student parking on streets is not allowed.


  1. Students who drive unregistered vehicles to school will be fined $15.00.

  2. Students who park a registered or unregistered vehicle on one of the streets near the school, such as Plymouth, Tecumseh, Okemos, Menominee, and Tekonsha will be subject to $15.00 parking fines.

  3. Parking in the areas designated for staff or visitors results in a $5.00 fine.

  4. Student parking is not allowed:

    • Outside white-lined parking spaces

    • In yellow-lined parking spaces

    • On curbed areas designated as Fire Lanes

    • On curbed areas painted blue or yellow

    • On sidewalks or other walkways

These violations are subject to a minimum of $5 fines. Repeat offender fine is $10 and potential loss of parking privilege

Students who, without permission, use their vehicles to leave campus or take other students off-campus, other than at the end of the school day, risk their parking permit and driving privileges.

Persons parking in the Handicapped spaces may be ticketed by the Grand Rapids Police Department. Their minimum fine is $75.

Repeated violations may result in the loss of driving privileges to and from school or suspension from school.



  1. The School Board has given civil authorities the right to search vehicles in designated school parking lots.

  2. All vehicles are to remain unoccupied while parked in any lot. Students who need to access their cars during the school day must receive permission from the attendance office. No vehicle may be driven in the lot except to enter or exit the premises during the school day or for a school-sponsored activity.

  3. All vehicles are to be driven with care.


  5. All vehicles must be driven on designated roadways, never over curbs, grass, etc.

  6. Violations of #3 & #4 are subject to a minimum $25 fine