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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Grand Rapids Christian Schools seeks to support and celebrate the gifts and abilities of all learners. Because of our commitment to ensure academic, social, and spiritual growth for all students, Grand Rapids Christian Schools offers Student Support Services for those learners who may benefit from additional support in meeting their individual goals. Student Support Services provides support for students in order that they may reach their full academic and social potential. We offer comprehensive programming which includes Educational Support Services, Inclusion Services, and services for students with academic talents.

Based on our use of a Response to Intervention (RTI) tiered-instructional framework, our support service staff members provide educational support for students who require inclusion services, remediation, an academic boost, and/or enrichment. The Student Support Services program has a wide variety of resources available, including access to psychological and educational diagnostic testing.  

Through a partnership with Grand Rapids/Rockford Public Schools, students who qualify can receive the following special services: 

  • Speech Therapy 

  • Physical or Occupational Therapy 

  • Inclusive Education (for moderate to severe impairments) 

  • Social Work

Grand Rapids Christian High School Student Support Services

Educational Support Services

At Grand Rapids Christian High School, we understand that each learner is unique. We provide support for the strengths and struggles that each student brings to the learning environment. A deep understanding of each student allows us to tailor our instruction in order to provide targeted intervention, remediation, and accommodation as needed. By utilizing a multi-tiered system of support, our general education and support services staff are able to provide early effective intervention to students who are having difficulty meeting academic benchmarks. Using achievement data, students who demonstrate difficulties are identified early, provided with interventions, and monitored frequently for adequate progress.

Depending on a student’s response to receiving these targeted interventions, they may be formally evaluated to determine if there is a specific learning or other disability present. These students may then benefit from additional intervention, increased instructional support, remediation, and/or educational accommodations.

Grand Rapids Christian High School is served by a coordinator who is responsible for collaborating with general education staff to ensure that the educational goals for all students who receive additional support, remediation, and accommodations are fully met. In addition, we are blessed to have many staff members on our support services team who are hired as support aides to assist students within the general education classroom or in small-group instructional settings.

Social Work

School social work support is available to all students to promote educational success by helping students navigate the social and emotional challenges that arise throughout high school. The school social worker provides a range of interventions that are offered systematically and based on student needs.

These services include consulting with school staff about student concerns, developing and implementing interventions to increase academic engagement, assisting students in crisis situations, providing preventative presentations to classrooms, and meeting with students one-on-one or in groups to help process various challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Parents and guardians of students who receive school social work services benefit from an open line of communication with the school social worker in order to monitor and advance student progress. 

While school social workers are unable to provide intensive therapy, a facet of the role includes communicating with counselors/therapists who provide therapy to students outside of school. If a student has a significant area of concern beyond the scope of a school social worker, families are connected with resources in the community.

Counseling Office

The Grand Rapids Christian High School counselors serve students and parents to ensure a positive experience academically and socially at GRCHS. 

Counselors meet with students regularly throughout the course of their high school careers and are here to support students for whatever needs may arise.

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