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A message from the Board of Trustees:

As we live into our mission together, Grand Rapids Christian Schools (“GRCS”) has benefitted for nearly 20 years from the exemplary servant leadership of our superintendent, Tom DeJonge. Tom has notified the Board of Trustees of his decision to retire at the close of 2023 - 2024 school year. On behalf of the entire GRCS community, the Board of Trustees offers its heart-felt thanks to Tom for his faithful service and congratulates him on his outstanding contribution to our community. We will continue to benefit from the results of his leadership for many years to come.

Tom’s passion for Christian education has been clear throughout his career. His deep connection with building principals, teachers, and administrators strengthened an extraordinary team of professionals, leading our schools and teaching our kids. His love for students made him a familiar presence connecting with current students and alumni in the hallways of our schools, the sidelines of sporting events and at school functions year-round. His enduring commitment to Christian education has made him a trusted colleague, admired by fellow educators and Christian school leaders nationwide.  

During his tenure, Tom led GRCS through the implementation of four multiple-year strategic plans. He guided GRCS through seasons of change that strengthened the school and secured its presence in our community for years to come. Tom led the full retirement of debt and, guided by the wise counsel of the Board’s Finance Committee and talents of GRCS’ Chief Financial Officer, secured the health and vitality of the Schools financial position. Under his leadership, GRCS re-envisioned and restructured its elementary schools located throughout the City of Grand Rapids in 2010 with the construction and renovations of Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School’s Iroquois and Evergreen campuses, re- establishing GRCS’ leadership in the provision of Christian education for elementary students and creating opportunities for students to learn using the latest technology and teaching methods. Today, best-in-class athletic facilities welcome student athletes at our high school. A beautiful administration office houses GRCS’ administrative team to support their work on behalf of our students. And, most recently, the Olivia Haverkamp Early Learning Center opened its doors in January 2023, making room for the youngest members of our GRCS community to learn and grow in a Christ-centered environment. And since Tom’s appointment as Superintendent in 2004, the GRCS Foundation has grown by more than 250%, returning nearly $1 million annually, making Christian education more accessible for thousands of families, supporting our Student Support Services programs, and ensuring the overall strength of our educational programs.

We have seen that God uniquely prepared Tom for a generation of leadership at Grand Rapids Christian Schools.  As Tom followed Jesus, he guided GRCS as it became the flourishing, world class school it is today, preparing thousands of students to become effective servants of Christ in contemporary society.  

We are also confident that the Lord has prepared a new leader for the next season at Grand Rapids Christian Schools.  We are prayerfully expectant for God’s leading as the Board of Trustees conducts a search for the right person to serve as Grand Rapids Christian’s next superintendent. We invite each of you to join us in that prayer. 

While we look forward to finding our new superintendent, we want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank Tom DeJonge, his wife Jacquie and their entire family, for the gift they have given all of us: Tom’s God-honoring, faithful servant leadership. Join us in congratulating our brother in Christ for a job very well done, and thanking him for 20 years of service and leadership.  

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and with gratitude to God,

Rebecca Jordan Heys, President
Grand Rapids Christian Schools Board of Trustees 
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