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10 Ways to Hold Together

10 Ways We Can Hold Together

This year, all five Grand Rapids Christian Schools campuses are sharing the same theme and theme verse — All Things. Hold Together (Colossians 1:17). Each campus and grade level is exploring what this theme means. At Rockford Christian, Mrs. Iveson's 3rd-grade class made this awesome video sharing 10 ways, with God's help, we can HOLD TOGETHER!

1. Give someone a shoutout 
2. Wear a mask (even if you don't want to)
3. Pray for others — and write it down
4. Say, "I'm sorry."
5. Say, "I forgive you!"
6. Remember, you're not the only learner here
7. Give a happy greeting!
8. Slow down to see the world!
9. Be flexible
10. Show empathy