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Lori VanderBaan

Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School — Iroquois Campus

Lori VanderBaan, Young 5's Teacher

Where did you begin your career in education?
My first teaching job was at Hudsonville Christian School in 1983.

How many years have you been working in Christian education?
37 years

How many years have you been working at Grand Rapids Christian Schools?
32 years

What schools/buildings have worked at either before coming to GRCS or while at GRCS?
I have previously worked with GRCS at Sylvan Christian, Seymour Christian, Millbrook Christian, and now at the Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School Iroquois Campus.

Do you have a favorite year that you worked or a favorite memory? What made this stand out in your mind?
My favorite memory is when I had a parent tell me that her son told her, "Mrs. Vander Baan's eyes get wet when she talks about Jesus!"

Tell about a moment in your career that you will never forget, possibly at an event or with a student or co-worker.
There isn't really one moment that I will never forget... it is years of moments teaching the children about God and how much He loves each one of them!  What an honor to be able to integrate faith into learning. I will never forget that I was able to do this!

Tell about your most significant learning experience either from a colleague, student, parent, or Professional Development Day.
We continue to learn throughout our life. Learning never stops. I have appreciated a school environment that fosters staff development and growth.  

What are you looking forward to, or what is your next adventure?
I am looking forward to traveling more with my family and enjoying my Grandchildren!

Any other advice, memories, or stories you would like to share?
Since I am primarily an early childhood educator, my advice would be to always stay in touch with your inner child. Take time to play, explore the world in a hands-on way, never take situations too seriously, and remember that your faith is in words and actions!