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Don't Fear, It's All Right — Brandon Helder | GRCS 3rd Grade Teacher

We are excited to share this song from GRCS Iroquois Campus 3rd-grade teacher, Mr. Brandon Helder. Mr. Helder covers' Bob Dylan's "Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right" with his own version, "Don’t You Fear, It’s All Right."

Mr. Helder updated the lyrics for his 3rd-grade students at the close of this rather strange school year. Enjoy!


Well, it ain’t what we expected, that’s for sure, kids.
What started right, ended so wrong.
Yes, it ain’t what we expected, that’s for sure, kids.
So on our last day, I’ll offer you this song.
The year that began in such a normal way
Ends with us all at least six feet away
Looking back, and longing for just a normal day.
But, don’t you fear, it’s all right.

Well, we didn’t learn what was expected, that’s for sure kids.
The lesson plans have changed.
But life can be a teacher, that’s for sure kids.
Especially when life gets rearranged.
We’ve learned to be more thankful for all the things we’ve lost,
That caring for others often comes at a cost,
That God is our rock even when we feel lost.
So don’t you fear, it’s all right.

Well, the future's a mystery, that’s for sure kids.
It’s beyond the curve in the road ahead.
What will the next year be like? I can’t be sure kids.
While we’d sure like to know, we’ll wait patiently instead.
While we may not know what tomorrow may bring,
We know that we don’t have to worry bout a thing,
Our future is held in the hands of a King
So, don’t you fear, it’s all right.

May the Lord, Bless you and keep you.
May his face shine on you.
May the good grace of God descend upon you,
And the peace of God gets you through.
Love God above with’ all your heart, soul, and mind,
Selflessly serve those with whom you're confined,
Until we meet again, you're in my prayers and on my mind.
But, don’t you fear, it’s all right.