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Celebrating Black History Month — GRCES Iroquois Campus

GRCES Iroquois Campus Students Celebrate Black History Month with Special Chapel

Early this month, the Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School Iroquois Campus celebrated Black History Month with a special virtual chapel. 

Students opened the chapel with words of encouragement and Bible verses in both English and Spanish, reminding us that God is with us always and that "He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17).

Iroquois Campus Principal, John Barkel, welcomed students and staff and talked about why, as Christians, it is important for us to celebrate Black History Month. 

"As believers in Christ, we see racial and ethnic diversity as an expression of God's incredible and beautiful creation. After all, we are all created in His image.

There isn't a single race or culture that can fully display the infinite glory of God's image, so He made us all different to help us appreciate His splendor and all kinds of perspectives.

We also know that the power of the Gospel gives us hope. Our Black brothers and sisters in our country have and continue to endure unimaginable challenges. Yet the accomplishments and amazing contributions so many Black Americans have created and shared are incredible, even in the face of the absolute worst challenges.

We hear in the book of Isaiah that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength, and you know what by spending time learning about each other and ourselves. We learn how to love one another and ourselves. We learn how to love each other in the exact way we are supposed to love each other.  This is the community, and this is exactly what God desires for all of us.

So let's learn and grow together. Let's stand up for each other. Let us grip hope — the hope of Jesus and pour the love of God, the Father to each other no matter what."

Pastor Erica Glenn, First Lady at New Life Covenant Church Southeast, then led the signing of a beautiful and inspiring rendition of the Black National Anthem

Second-grade students, Darshak, Kaysaan, Makuer, recited "I am the Black Child" by Michael Wynn.

Vanessa Allen, GRCS music and Choir teacher at Evergreen, Iroquois, and the Middle School, introduced the fifth-grade choir students from GRCMS, singing "Together We Can Change the World," by Mark Shepard.

Second-grader from Mrs. VanTimmeren's class told us about some of the Black Americans they learned this month. Notable names included Misty Copeland, Kid President, Mary Jackson, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The second-graders also shared unexpected individuals from the Bible whom Jesus showed His love.

Next, Señora Hendricksen's second-grade Spanish Immersion class creatively recited "Stand-Up," a poem written by Jessica Zannini.

The chapel was then closed with prayer by GRCS student Peyton Spillers and his mom, La'Leatha Spillers, who also serves as the Director of Development for Grand Rapids Christian Schools. Peyton and his mom reminded us that Black History is all of our history!

Thank you to all of the students, staff, parents, and special guests who made this special and memorable chapel possible. And thank YOU for participating with us. 

Please watch and enjoy the full virtual chapel presentation below.

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