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Growing Deeper_Raising Youth in a Digital Age_Wednesday, January 27

Growing Deeper: Raising Youth in a Digital Age with Dr. Sarah Domoff

For the third Growing Deeper Speaker Series of the 2020-2021 school year, we welcomed Dr. Sarah Domhoff to discuss Raising Youth in a Digital Age.


Dr. Domoff is a clinical child psychologist with expertise in problematic media use in children. She directs the Family Health Lab at Central Michigan University ( and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology.

Her research on the health outcomes of screen media use in children has been funded by the NIH. Dr. Domoff also trains clinicians to assess and treat youth with problematic media use (e.g., gaming disorder, social media conflict) at the Center for Children, Families, and Communities. At her clinic, Dr. Domoff delivers interventions to help parents and children reduce excessive and problematic screen media use.

The Family Health Research Lab is located at Central Michigan University. Led by Dr. Sarah Domoff, the team seeks to promote the health and well-being of diverse, under-served children and families, with a specific focus on childhood obesity prevention and healthy media use.

Dr. Domoff works with CMU's Center for Children, Families, and Communities and the PATCH Program to build healthy behaviors in families. Learn more and find out if the PATCH Program is right for you and your family by clicking HERE.

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