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GRCS Expedition Kindergarten

In early December, preschoolers at Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School Iroquois and Evergreen Campuses, and Rockford Christian School had the opportunity to explore kindergarten on a special night designed just for them — Expedition Kindergarten!

Together students and their parents when on a virtual expedition into the enriching environment known as kindergarten.

Preschoolers received a special Expedition Kindergarten Supply Package including a GRCS pencil pouch with colored pencils, twine, clothespins, a flashlight, GRCS stickers, and some coloring pages. They also received a copy of the book that was read to them so they could follow along.

Parents met kindergarten staff, learned more about our kindergarten schedule options and our co-curricular classes, had questions answered, and heard how our Christ-centered, child-focused program prepares students for future success as they continue their academic journey at Grand Rapids Christian.

Students returned to preschool the next morning, bubbling with excitement about Expedition Kindergarten and their enthusiasm about moving up to kindergarten next school year.

Thanks to all the students and parents who attended this virtual event, and thank you to those who shared photos of their students' campsite photos with us. We love how creative these students got with their campsites, incorporating siblings, furry and stuff friends, and more — check the photos out below.

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