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Staff Celebration Friday Phil Warners


Today we shine the spotlight on Phil Warners.
Thank you for all that you do, Mr. Warners!

NAME: Phil Warners
CAMPUS: Rockford Christian
ROLE: 6th Grade Environmental Program

How long have you been working at GRCS?
14 years (1985-1996; 2016-present)

Give a brief overview of your family life, educational and/or career history.
I have one wife and six children, and they came in that order.  I returned to educating students in a classroom after spending 16 years educating students in the world of outdoor education at Camp Roger. My two youngest children currently attend Grand Rapids Christian Middle School while my older four children are out of school.  We have four grandchildren but they all live out of state and that makes seeing them a little tricky.  

What is your favorite part of your job?
I love to show students the power of God's word, how it can impact our lives, and then watching it all change them.

Of all your time at GRCS, what special projects are you most proud of?
Most proud of about myself? Nothing!  But I am extremely proud of how my RCS community rallied around me and my family as I went through my battle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  To be associated with this group of people has been a real blessing.

Are there any your extracurricular activities you lead or assist with?
I am the assistant (to the) cross-country coach here at RCS and help out with chapels from time to time.

Anything silly or interesting you would like to share?
I eat almost anything but still hate olives.

Which Portrait of a Graduate characteristic do you relate to most within your role, and why? Or, which characteristic do you try and exemplify most and why?"
Disciples of Christ.  Prepare to follow Christ with faithfulness, resilience, and humility...

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