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What are you reading this summer?

Summer Reading Resources

I think we can all agree that summer is a great time to catch up on reading! Who doesn't love sitting outside on a warm and sunny Michigan summer day, catching some rays, while taking in chapters of your favorite book?

We've compiled some summer reading resources for readers of ALL ages — so grab a chair, a cold beverage, and your favorite (or new favorite) book!

Summer Wonder at KDL

Summer Wonder is the summer reading (and more!) program from Kent District Library. You can even join the 30-day reading challenge with your whole family, with books for little readers, youth, teens, and adults — there is something for everyone!

Little Readers will get a free book. Youth readers will get a 6-inch wooden, transforming robot. Teens and adults will receive a stainless-steel water bottle, available while supplies last. Adults will automatically become eligible for a chance to win a unique prize basket. 

Learn more HERE

Also, be sure to follow the KDL Blog for even more reading recommendations.

Soaring Through Summer

Did you know that GRCS has its very own summer engagement program designed specifically for 2nd — 5th graders? It's called Soaring Through Summer, and the GRCS teachers have provided some amazing resources for summer full of great literature, key math skills, and more! 

Learn more HERE

Racial Reconciliation Reading Recommendations

You've likely seen the recent news coverage of protests against racial injustice nationwide. Perhaps you have even participated in activism efforts right here in Kent County. We've compiled several lists of reading recommendations for adults and ways for young readers to diversify their libraries as well.

We are constantly working on updating and revising this list — so check back often!

Learn more HERE

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has curated reading lists for every age group and interest.

Learn more HERE

Local Bookstores and Libraries

Checking out your favorite local bookstore and library is an amazing way to get recommendations for your next great summer read.