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The Critter Barn Visits the Kindergarteners at Iroquois

The Critter Barn Visits Iroquois Kindergarten Students

By Rachel Bardolph

Chickens, pigs, rabbits, goats, and lambs at the elementary school? In the middle of Grand Rapids? It’s true!  

On Friday, May 7, the Critter Barn came to visit the kindergarten students at Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School's Iroquois Campus. Each spring, the kindergartens pack up and head to the farm to visit the animals at the Critter Barn. But this year, due to COVID restrictions, the classes were unable to travel to Zeeland. So the Critter Barn packed up their brood and brought the animals to us! 

The Critter Barn has been an important teaching partner with kindergarteners at Grand Rapids Christian for years as we educate children about God’s world.

Farmer Mary taught the students all about the different animals and how God created them each uniquely. The students were thrilled to pet, hold, and learn more about farm animals during this unique field trip.  Are you looking for a fun summer adventure? …. head out to the Critter Barn

Critter Barn Visit Photo Album 

Rachel Bardolph

Rachel Bardolph teaches Kindergarten at Grand Rapids Christian Elementary Schools Iroquois Campus. She received her BA in Elementary Education and MA in Literacy from Calvin (College) University. Rachel loves working with young children and enjoys the enthusiasm they bring to the classroom each and every day.

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