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2019 Grand Rapids Christian Schools Christmas Cards

Each year the admin team at Grand Rapids Christian Schools sends out Christmas cards to community members.  However, these aren't your typical store-bought Hallmark greeting cards.  These are one of a kind works of art created by Grand Rapids Christian School students.  Art teachers at each of the 5 GRCS campuses ask students to submit Christmas themed artwork for consideration for the year's GRCS Christmas cards. The central office staff then votes on their favorites from each campus and 5 unique Christmas cards are created featuring this artwork.  

We are pleased to present to you the 2019 Grand Rapids Christian Schools Christmas Cards.

19 GRCS Christmas Card_2 EV Zoe Robinson 3rd
19 GRCS Christmas Cards_1 GRCHS Olivia Tuit 11th
19 GRCS Christmas Cards_Artwork Only_3 RCS Addison Druckenmiller 7th
19 GRCS Christmas Cards_4 IQ Jacob Burgess 4th
19 GRCS Christmas Cards_5 GRCMS Claire Kooy 8th