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GRCS Internet Filtering

GRCS Internet Filtering

Our goal is to allow safe access to valuable online educational content both on and off-campus on school-issued devices while remaining CIPA compliant and maintaining security.

GRCS uses Content Keeper as our internet filtering solution. Content Keeper can handle SSL decryption without hindering network performance. It gives us very granular web filtering options and policy control over the content students can access while enabling us to have more insight into students’ online activity. If your home router has parental control features available, you may implement this in your home without interfering with the filter on the school device unlike you could do with our previous filter, Securely.

If the school notices inappropriate internet usage, the administration will contact you as needed. In the case of repetitive issues, school may send you automated internet usage reports.

Questions? Contact Sheila VanderWoude, Director of Technology, at

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