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UPDATE: Summer Session Jr. 2020 Plans

UPDATE: Summer Session Jr. 2020 Plans

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Due to the recent announcement from our governor, we have decided to move forward with Summer Session Jr. in person this year! This is exciting news but comes with policies that must be understood and followed closely. Please review them below. We hope you will find these policies reassuring in regard to your child’s health as well as nonobstructive to your child’s learning.  

Summer Session Jr. 2020 Policies:

  1. Wearing masks: Instructors will be required to wear masks and we request that students follow suit.
  2. Social distancing: Within classrooms, students will sit a minimum of 6 feet from the instructor and other students. We will also use a distance of 6 feet to separate students upon entering and traveling about the building.
  3. Entrance procedures: Instructors and students will all be scanned using an infrared forehead-thermometer upon arrival. If their temperature permits attendance, they will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering as well as when leaving. 
  4. Sanitation practices: Instructors will disinfect materials and surfaces before and after sessions. Classroom doors will be left open in an attempt to limit touching common surfaces. Following the afternoon sessions, classrooms will be vacuumed and given another thorough wipedown. 

With these policies in place, we look forward to a safe four weeks filled with deep student learning! Use the following link to enroll today: Summer Session Jr. Information and Enrollment.

If you have questions about the Summer Session Jr. program, please email Graham Schultze at

Other quick facts:

  • SSJr. will be hosted at Grand Rapids Christian High School (2300 Plymouth Ave SE)
  • Graham Schultze will provide student-friendly orientation videos to be sent to enrolled families prior to the first day of the program. 
  • When choosing a session time, keep in mind that many students learn better in the mornings. However, last year (because of the higher volume in the morning session) we were able to keep the student to instructor ratios lower in the afternoon slot. 

Thank you all,

Graham Schultze
Summer Session Jr. Supervisor