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Evergreen Home Bulletin News — November 29, 2022

Evergreen Campus News

Giving Back

As we approach the Christmas season, our campus is looking forward to giving back to the
community. From now until December 14, we are partnering with Foster the
Family Grand Rapids, an organization that works to support and encourage foster and adoptive
families by delivering care packages to foster families within 24 hours of a new foster
placement. These care packages include items to support each family in their new journey.
In support of this organization, we have a list of items you can donate (Please be sure
to donate new items):

● Full sets of Pajamas- all sizes (preemie to adult)
● Diaper Cream
● Lotion for teens/adults
● Satin hair bonnets
● Crayons
● Art supplies
● Coloring books (for all ages)
● Blank pads of white paper
● Board games and/or Card games

If we, as a school, can donate 100 items for Foster the Family Grand Rapids, the
whole school will earn a pajama party! That’s about 1 item per student. If we can donate 200 items, then Mr. Schultze will sleep on the roof for a night! Let’s do our best to support this organization! Thank you for partnering with us!

Mark your Calendar  📅

Please note that Wednesday, December 7 AND Friday, December 16, are half days (12:00 pm dismissal for full-day students) due to Professional Development for teachers in the afternoon. GRPS and GRCS busing will be available on the half days. Kids Care will NOT be available after school on the half days.

Christmas Program 🎄

Evergreen Elementary Presents “Come to the Manger.” Join us on Monday, December 12 at 7:00 pm in the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Arts and Worship located on the GRCHS campus at 2300 Plymouth Ave SE. Come to the Manger is an interactive lessons and carols production. You will enter into our musical experience by listening to songs, true stories and joining us in singing about the true reason for the season. Please reserve Monday, December 12 on your calendar. You won’t want to miss it! 

'Tis the Season for Lost and Found

Now that the weather has changed there are many more items piling up in our lost and found. Please be sure to label your student's cold weather gear to help us get misplaced items back to them. You may claim any missing things from the Lost and Found located in the front hall at Evergreen.

🥶 Colder Weather 

With cold weather arriving here in Michigan, please ensure your student comes to school with coats, hats, gloves, and boots! All students are expected to go outside during morning and afternoon recess (weather permitting).

Volunteers needed for K-5 Lunch Recess

We are excited to once again welcome recess volunteers to our playground. All volunteers to the GRCES Evergreen campus must pass a background check before they may volunteer. Please fill out the following google form with all the pertinent information at least one week before you plan to volunteer. Volunteer clearances are considered good for one year. You will only be contacted if your background check does not clear. Volunteer Clearance Form

Please follow this link to learn more about the Recess Volunteer Guidelines and for the sign up genius link.

Covid and General Health Awareness 

  • PLEASE keep the school office informed of any symptoms, illnesses, and test results that prevent your student from attending school. All absences need to be reported to the school office (, 616.574.5990)
  • Thank you for keeping your kids home when they are sick. Children who have two or more cold-like symptoms, any child with a fever, and any child who vomits or has diarrhea should remain out of school for 24 hours after symptoms subside and without the use of medication.
  • Current covid protocols, should your student test positive, are to stay home and isolate for five (5) days and then resume activities in a well-fitted mask for five (5) days.
  • Please refer to our Parent-Sudent Handbook for more health guidelines.

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