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GRCHS Morning Announcements Monday Jan. 24

School Business

Dance Update

As you know our annual Snowball dance is scheduled for Saturday, February 5.  We met with student congress representatives last week to make plans for this event. After much discussion, together we decided to postpone this dance until Saturday, March 12. Due to the rising number of Covid cases in our community this seems like a good way to care for our students and create an event that most students will be able to attend. Please note this change in your calendars and plan on attending this exciting school wide dance on Saturday, March 12.

Bookstore Hours 

The Bookstore will be open this week during morning break only.  If you have new classes this semester make sure you check to see if you need books!

Advanced Placement (AP) Interest Meetings

Students - you are are required to attend AP Interest meetings during Focus Time if you plan to take an AP course next year. If you miss or cannot attend one of these meetings, please follow-up with the AP teacher during office hours or during one of the teacher's Focus Study Sessions.

Jan 24-25: 11TH GRADE scheduling meetings

Jan 27: AP Physics (Room 223) - Mr. Christians

Jan 27: AP Bio (Garage) - Mr. Hoekstra

Jan 28: AP Psychology (Garage) - Mr. Tuit

Jan 31: AP English Literature (Room 115) - Ms. Gunnink & Mr. Brian Karsten

Feb 1: AP Calculus (Room 217) - Ms. Ricketts

Feb 3: AP Statistics (Garage) - Mr. VanDyke

Feb 4: AP Spanish (Garage) - Mrs. Allen


Feb 8-9: 10TH GRADE scheduling meetings

Feb 10: AP English Language (Garage) - Ms. Das & Mrs. Rozema

Feb 11: AP US Government (Garage) - Mr. Diekema


Feb 28-March 1: 9TH GRADE scheduling meetings

March 3: AP US History (Garage) - Mr. Brower

March 4: AP Chemistry (Room 225) - Mrs. Boven

March 7: AP Computer Science Principles (Room 231) - Mr. Neil Karsten

March 8: AP Economics (Garage) - Mr. Stapert


School Lunch 

Mon Jan. 24 - Nacho Day

Tues Jan 25 - chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, biscuit, broccoli, fruit

Activities & Clubs


Please join the counselors during your Responsibility Period/Mastery Skills/Tutoring TODAY AND TUESDAY, Jan. 24 & 25, in the Garage for the course registration presentation for senior year. Please bring your laptop.

If you do not have a Responsibility Period/Study Hall/Tutoring, please sign up for the Counseling Focus Time on Tuesday the 25th. Please bring your laptop. 

Galapagos in June

Come explore and marvel at the biodiversity of Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands this June! Hiking and snorkeling expeditions will offer direct interaction with iguanas, penguins, flightless cormorants, various finches, blue-footed boobies, giant tortoises, sea-lions, and an abundance of extraordinary marine life. We will island hop through the Galápagos, where we will move from mangrove swamps to lava flows to sunny shorelines, encountering scores of exotic creatures along the way. Come and join us as we chart the Galápagos Islands and discover some of the biological wonders of God’s creation!  Sign up for Mr. Diekema's Focus Period on Thursday for more information on this adventure of a lifetime!  

Chess Club

Chess Club will meet after school today in the upper town square from 3-4pm. Players of all skill levels are welcome!


GRCHS offers several different internships that you can apply for the 22-23 school year. These include Worship, Tech, Classroom, Eagle Sports Network, and Community Internships. Please use this link to apply. Internship decisions and notifications will be made before Spring Break. Internships are for credit only. Community Internships must be arranged by the student. See handouts in the counseling office for details. 

Mental Health Focus Period 

Mark your calendar, the Counseling Office is hosting multiple opportunities to view and discuss the film Angst on February 4th, 7th, and 8th during lunch and Focus period from 12:35-1:35pm. Angst is a film that addresses the growing prevalence of anxiety in teenagers. The film aims to remove the stigma about mental health and opens up conversation around anxiety, helping people understand and manage their symptoms, and addresses when to reach out for help. Watch the trailer here and spread the word about this opportunity to learn more about anxiety.

Yearbook Orders 📖

You can order your yearbooks here.

Scholarships for Seniors:

 Please visit this list for more!   

GRCHS Scholarships: 

Mary Ann Gundy Foreign Language Scholarship - Due Wednesday, February 16 by 3 pm

Eligible students must be a senior and plan on a major or minor in world language in college.  Students must have completed 2 years of a world language upon graduation. The scholarship is $1,000. See application form. 

John Zoerhoff Memorial Scholarship - Due Wednesday, February 16 by 3 pm

Eligible students must be a senior at GRCHS and plan to attend a 2 or 4-year college. Students must be involved in community service.  Students must be affected personally by cancer OR intend to pursue a career in the medical field.  The scholarship is $1,000.  Please see application form for details. 

Rainbow Foundation Scholarship (Now a Calvin University Donor Scholarship) - Due January 31 

Eligible students must plan on attending Calvin University entering freshman year,  and have a minimum GPA of 3.7 through 7 semesters. Students must demonstrate involvement in extracurricular activities in school, church, and community and demonstrate servant leadership and Christ-like qualities that support others with humility, care, and encouragements - oftentimes behind the scenes. Financial need is considered.  The scholarship is $3,000 and renewable. Please see the application on Calvin's website here

 Local Scholarships:

1.  The Grand Rapids Community Foundation has over 600,000 dollars in scholarships available.  Please visit  All applications are due March 1, 2022

2.  LMCU Hutt Scholarship for students/parents of Lake Michigan Credit Union members.  This is a $2,000 scholarship due January 31, 2022.  Visit LMCU/Hutt for details.

3.  Mary Jane Dockeray Scholarships for Careers in Science are awarded to graduating high school seniors from public or private schools in the Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa Intermediate School Districts with an interest in pursuing a career in science. These $2,500 scholarships are administered by the RMSC at GVSU.  Detailed information and application forms can be obtained here. Applications due date March 1, 2022 for online applications and Feb. 18 for paper.

4.  Established in 1967, the Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship Fund awards a $3,000 college scholarship each year to an outstanding high school senior in the Kent Intermediate School District, who intends to pursue a college career in engineering or the sciences relating to space technology. Visit for details. Applications due February 25.

5.  The University Club of Grand Rapids’ Scholarship Fund has been established with the purpose of assisting students who express a strong desire to remain in or return to West Michigan upon completion of their studies. Applicants may attend any college or accredited vocational school: in-state, out-of-state, 2-year or 4-year program. Visit for more details. Application due February 2, 2022. 

6.  Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation is a $2,000 scholarship for high school students in Michigan. Students must apply by writing an essay and providing a letter of recommendation. See here for more details. Application due March 1, 2022.

Volunteer Opportunity

Special Needs Week at the Christian Reformed Conference Grounds in Grand Haven is looking for teenage volunteers to be paired with special needs campers. Commitment is from Saturday, June 18 at 3pm till Friday, June 24 at 11pm - you must be there the whole time. There is a minimal cost to cover lodging & food. All 1st & 2nd year volunteers must have a referral form filled out by a non-family member. All applications and referral forms need to be submitted by 3/1/21. Questions? Contact Kara Gonyon at 616-318-6661 or

Volunteer Application

Referral Form



Eagle Musicians!

If any of you are interested in singing the national anthem at a varsity basketball game, please come and see Mr. Heerema in the athletic office. There have been vocalists, guitar and cello solos perform previously! We would love to share your talents with our community! 


Get all game highlights, schedules and other athletics news on our website!

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