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GRCHS Weekly Announcements April 28

School Business

Peer Listening

The Peer Listeners wanted to let you know that we are still available to connect. If you need a safe space to talk, you can complete the peer listening form on Eaglenet and we will reach out. We are in this together. Watch this short video to learn more about Peer Listening. 

GRCHS Daily Devotions

The Spiritual Formation Student Congress is sharing daily devotionals for your use. They are meant to be a way that our student body can continue to grow in our faith during this time. They could be done first thing in the morning or whenever seems like a good time for your daily devotions. Daily Instagram posts will be shared on the GRCHS School Spirit account as well.

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring support via Zoom for any student started on Monday, April 20. Use this link to request a peer tutor. Peer Tutoring hours are Monday -Thursday from 12-3pm and Fridays from 8am-3pm. 

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Activities & Clubs

Winterim Internships

Sophomores and Juniors - 

If you are interested in an internship for Winterim 2020-2021, you should start looking now. It can take quite a while to get your internship confirmed and the paperwork signed. You are required to find your own internship - here are some ideas on how to find an internship host. 

  • Use your parents as resources – what do their friends do?
  • If you are interested in medicine, talk with your own doctor/nurse. The best way to get an internship in a hospital is through a direct connection.  You will not have success connecting with the hospital in general.
  • If you are interested in education, talk with your elementary/middle school teacher.
  • What do your friends’ parents do?
  • Is there anyone in your church who works in the field you are interested in?
  • Email Mrs. Polet ( to ask for suggestions.

 Additional reminders:

  • College visits are NOT internships.
  • You may not be paid for your internship.
  • Your internship application is due online on October.


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