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GRCMS Classroom Connect — Fall 2020

GRCMS Classroom Connect
Fall 2020

Dear GRCMS Families,

I can hardly believe we have already moved into our sixth week of school!  We have been off to a great start and are enjoying the relationships we are building with your children!  We have definitely seen that God holds all things together! 

I am pleased to share with you important information that your child’s middle school teachers have put together to inform you about their classes and the curriculum they will work through this year.  We typically meet in person, but our hope is that through these videos you will glean much information about the year ahead. 

Please feel free to reach out to any of these wonderful and dedicated teachers with follow up questions or even just to let them know you are praying for them as they mentor your child.  You might find it helpful to open ParentVue and have your child’s schedule available to know which links to click on below.

Grand Rapids Christian Middle School receives funds from the federal Title I Program in order to provide additional services to ensure that all children have an opportunity for a high-quality education.  With the funds that we received, we were able to hire three Title I teachers for our building. 

At this time, Mrs. Colleen Grulke and Mrs. Hannah Scholten are designated to provide reading intervention for 5th — 8th-grade students and Mrs. Beth Hartlein is able to provide support for 7th grade and 8th-grade students in the content area of math. 

In order for the Title I teachers to work with students, we must have parent permission.  Please take just a couple of minutes to fill out the permission form so that these services are available for your child. 

Thank you in advance!

Sara Seth

Sara Seth
Principal, Grand Rapids Christian Middle School


Introduction Mrs. Sara Seth (GRCMS Principal)

5th grade 

Mrs. Boerma & Mr. David

Mr. DeBoer & Miss Nelson

6th grade

6th-grade team

6th-grade Learning Commons

7th grade

7th-grade team

8th grade

8th-grade team

Co-Curricular Classes


(Please check who is your child’s teacher)

Sra. Fahlen

5th/6th grades

7th/8th grades

Sra. Frens

5th/6th grades

7th/8th grades

Sra. Smith

5th/6th grades

7th/8th grades


Mrs. Zylstra & Mrs. Garrod

5th-8th grades

Physical Education

Mrs. Pyper & Mrs. Tousley

5th-8th grades


Mr. Haaksma

5th & 6th grade only


Mr. Borst

5th-8th grades


Mrs. Betts

5th-8th grades


Mrs. Allen

5th-8th grades

American Sign Language (ASL)

Mrs. Sytsma

7th & 8th grades

Teacher Contact Information:

Sara Seth —  

Diane Boerma —

Jimmy David —

Steve DeBoer —

Ivy Nelson —

Eunice Carter —

Chad Drenth —

Kristin Groom —

Jackie Noordewier —

Abby Vedders —

Lauren Zuiderveen —

Jennifer DeBoer —

Nelson Greidanus —

Jen Krosschell —

Yeeun Lee —

Stephanie Tanis —

Marne Wittung-Baker —

Beth Hartlein —

Joan VanDyke —

Dan Voetberg —

Jim Vos —

Amy Worden —

Cyndi Betts —  

Adam Borst —  

Barbie Fahlen —  

Betsy Frens —  

Mary Garrod —

Jon Haaksma —  

Anne Pyper —  

Besty Smith —  

Joanne Tousley —

Heidi Zylstra —