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Iroquois Home Bulletin News — September 28, 2021

Iroquois Campus News

K-4th Grade Parent-Teacher Conferences

Look for an important email tomorrow about signing up for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Your prompt reply to the email will be greatly appreciated. 

Conferences will be held 4:00 pm — 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm — 8:00 pm on both Thursday, October 7 and Tuesday, October 12.

Book Fair

The library will be hosting an in-person Follett Book Fair from October 7 to October 14. We are open during school hours from 7:45 am till 4:00 pm as well as during the evening on Parent/Teacher conferences (10/7 and 10/12).  Please note that masks must be worn in school and you need to sign in at the school office. Cash, checks (made out to GRCES), and credit/debit cards are accepted.  

In addition to the in-person fair, there is also a companion e-fair. The e-fair is currently open and ready for orders.  You can find it at:
You can shop from a variety of publishers, including favorites like  Wimpy Kid and Dog Man.  All orders will ship free to school after the fair ends.  Questions? Email Mrs. Boss at

It's Spirit Week!

  • Wednesday, 9/29 is Neon Day
  • Thursday, 9/30 is GRCS Eagle Gear Day
  • Friday, 10/1 is Grade by Color Day:
    • Preschool - Red
    • Kindergarten - Blue
    • 1st - Black
    • 2nd - Orange
    • 3rd - Green
    • 4th - Pink

Let's have some school-spirited fun!

KeyCard Books For Sale in the Office!   

Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School (Iroquois) is selling Keycard Books for $25. Our school profits $12.50 for each book sold.

The profit that we make from these books will help fund the office/sickroom supplies such as: Bandaids, Antibiotic Cream, Benadryl, Tylenol, and Ibuprofen. The profit will also fund recess toys and special student prizes!

Please call the school office at 616.574.6500 for more information or to reserve your book today!
We can accept cash or check made payable to GRCES. 

Thank you for your support!

School for K-4 begins at 8:10 am

Please have your students at school in time for them to be in their classroom at 8:10. K-4 students that arrive after 8:10 need to stop in the office for a tardy slip.

Students should NOT be at school before 7:45 am. The doors unlock at 7:45 am and that is also when playground supervision begins. Thank you for helping keep your kids safe and accounted for. 


  • Please always notify the office if your child will be absent or late. This will help speed the process of accounting for each of our students in a timely manner.
  • Although it is helpful if you notify teachers by email about absences or late arrivals, it is essential that you notify the office. 
  • Please note that preschool daily attendance is taken at the time of preschool drop-off. Any preschool absences or late arrivals should be directly communicated to your child's preschool classroom teacher.

Picking-Up and Dropping-Off Students During the School Day

If you need to pick up or drop off students once school is in session for the day, please park, enter the office, and sign your child in/out. Please wear a mask whenever you enter the building. 

Student Illness Policy

Please make sure that your child is symptom-free and fever-free without medication for 24 hours before returning to school. See full policy.

Important Note About Birthday Treats

  • Sending birthday treats is certainly not required, but if you choose to send treats to celebrate your child's birthday, please make note of the following — food treats should be:
    • individually wrapped
    • pre-packaged
    • store-bought
  • We encourage healthy options rather than sugary sweet
  • You are welcome to send non-edible prize type items rather than food

Virtual Lost and Found — Please check it regularly!

  • CLICK HERE to view photos of lost and found items. Email Laura at to claim items.
  • Please help keep our lost and found to a minimum by labeling your kids' items.

Join Moms in Prayer

Come pray with us! God’s power is unleashed through our prayers. Join other moms, aunts, grandmas, and women of the community in simple, conversational prayer for your children and their schools.

  • WHEN: Every Friday (beginning September 10) from 8:15 am — 9:15 am
  • WHERE: Grand Rapids Christain Schools Administrative Offices (2400 Plymouth Ave. SE)
  • QUESTIONSContact
  • MORE

PTO News

Staff Favorite Things Book

Did you know there is a binder with a list of favorite things for every Iroquois and Evergreen staff member? One copy is on the counter in the office and the other is in the TRIP office. Feel free to take a look if you ever want to spoil someone with a treat!

Foot Frolic Frenzy is October 8, 2021!

You are invited to come and cheer on GRCES students as they run! Check out the Foot Frolic Frenzy Volunteer Sign Up to see how you can help and when your child's class will be running. Parents are an important part of making this event a success. This is an outdoor event and for the safety of those participating, masks are recommended for those cheering at the event. 

Thank you for helping your student connect with family and friends to pledge them for this fun event! Click or Share this link: Foot Frolic Frenzy Online Giving. See you there!


  • 8:45 am — 9:00 am | Connell
  • 9:00 am — 9:15 am | Jansen
  • 9:15 am — 9:30 am | Marquez 
  • 9:30 am — 9:45 am | Vander Sluis
  • 10:00 am — 10:15 am | Mejia
  • 10:15 am — 10:30 am | VandenBosch
  • 10:30 am — 10:45 am | Edema
  • 8:35 am — 9:00 am | Evergreen Teams 1, 2, 3
  • 9:00 am — 9:30 am | Vanbeek, Wolf, Wright
  • 9:15 am — 9:45 am | DeMoor, Triminio, Jordan 
  • 9:30 am — 10:00 am | Baker, Greenfield, Van Timmeren
  • 10:35 am — 11:05 am | Hendriksen, Helder, Cross
  • 10:45 am —  11:15 am | Jimenez, Sanchez, Jonker
  • 11:00 am — 11:30 am | Kingma, Bardolph, Pluymert
  • 11:15 am — 11:45 am | Traylor, Rozendal, Minnema
  • 11:30 am — 12:00 pm | Silvey, Boice, Asfour

More ways to serve: 

Sign up to be a HOT LUNCH volunteer HERE

  • THANK YOU for filling all the slots for Room Parents this year! 
  • Reach out to Aimee Einfeld at with any PTO-related questions. 

Please Save SpartanNash Receipts!

Thank you for turning in your SpartanNash receipts! Remember to turn in the whole receipt including the part at the bottom that shows the points/dollars earned.  

Thanks for participating in this EASY fundraiser for our PTO!

Fill up the Paper Gator for the PTO

Fill up the PaperGator with junk mail, magazines, newspapers, and school papers. Try collecting from family and friends too! Spread the word! Click here for the list of accepted items:

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