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Iroquois Preschool Start of School Checklist

Iroquois Preschool Start of School Checklist for Parents

Please complete and submit all school and preschool forms before the start of school. 

Required Forms

  • MI Health Appraisal Form  Immunizations
    • This needs to be filled out and signed by your child’s pediatrician.
    • Submit to the school office or email to
  • Birth Certificate
    • We will need a copy of your child’s birth certificate.
    • Submit to the school office or email to
  • MI Child information
    • Unless otherwise indicated, all requested information must be provided.
    • If the information is not known or does not apply, “unknown” or “none” is the required response.
    • A blank field, a line through a field or “N/A” are not acceptable responses.
    • Submit to your child’s preschool teacher.

Preschool Handbook 

  • Preschool teachers will be emailing families the Preschool Handbook.
  • Please read and sign that you have received it. 

Items Your Child Will Need at School

  • Rest time items: Blanket, stuffie (optional)
  • Change of clothes in a zip-lock baggie: Shirt, socks, underwear, shorts/pants
  • Lunch with your child’s name and the date on it
  • 2 snacks per day (snack for morning and afternoon)
  • Water Bottle with child’s name on it
  • A Mask (or two) and a plain paper lunch bag for mask storage with your child’s name on it


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