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Evergreen Principal's Corner — March 30, 2021

Dear Evergreen Families,

The tulips that our preschool students planted last fall are beginning to grow above the soil in the planter boxes in front of school.

New life.

What a great reminder this Holy Week about the new life that we have in Jesus Christ.  Each time that I walk into a classroom at Evergreen I’m reminded of the opportunity that we have to live the resurrection life in Christian community. 

Each day we learn and grow in our understanding of how to live and work together. Teachers patiently guide students as they learn to treat others kindly. Teachers and students share Bible stories about God’s plan for our lives. We pray together for our friends, our school, our families, our world. The time spent in classrooms at Evergreen continues to prepare each one of us to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society.  

Easter Blessings,
Ann Bakker

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