Holding hands in praise

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Evergreen Principal's Corner — May 12, 2020

The words today are not mine.  This psalm was written by the Evergreen Team Three students.  

Psalm 151

A psalm by the children of Team 3, a psalm of thanks, praise, and creation

1 Let all that has breath praise the Lord!

2 Let everything that God has made praise the Lord.

3 Let the mountains and the hills join in the refrain,

4 let the creatures who roam the land and swim the seas and travel the skies raise their voices in praise,

5 all you cattle and horses,

6 all you storms and seas,

7 all you clouds and storms

8 all winds and sun rays,

9 all valleys and all canyons,

10 all cardinals and all blue jays,

11 let them all join in praise of their maker, our God.

12 Let the robin on her nest praise the Lord.

13 Let the Great Oaks and Sequoias of the forests raise their hands and lift up their voices in worship.

14 Let the men and women of the cities in their joy thank the Lord for everything he has done for them.

15 Let the children in their play glorify God’s holy name.

16 Let the heavenly hosts and all earthy creations join in praise to the Lord our God.

17 Let them all join in song and prayer to lift up their praises to the Lord almighty.

18 Let the heavens rejoice and the earth give thanks for, out of nothing, God created them.

19 He created them and sustains them, His creation that he loves.

20 Let all that God has created praise his holy name.

21 Let us join in the holy anthem, singing,

22 “The Lord is good. He made the world and everything in it. Praise the Lord!”


Remember today and always that God is our Rock.

Ann Bakker, Principal

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Psalm 18:2