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Evergreen Principal's Corner — May 25, 2021

Dear Evergreen Families,

It has been a great school year!  Many of us felt some apprehension at the beginning of this school year.  We knew that it wouldn’t be a typical year.  Student desks were spaced apart, recesses were staggered, students and staff wore masks, staff and families completed health checks.  It was a different year — but, it was a great year!  We all followed precautionary measures so that school could remain open. THANK YOU!

Some things didn’t change.  Teachers and students showed up every day and learned together.  We worshiped together (I’m thankful for zoom!) each Friday. Teachers nurtured and cared for their students.  Families found new ways to communicate with each other.

We know that this year and every year our Team Three Olders will graduate from Evergreen and will continue to use their unique gifts to glorify God, pursue personal faith, and bring about shalom in the world, as they continue on their journey to be…

Culturally Competent

Communicators and Collaborators

Thoughtful Neighbors

Justice Seekers

Creative Solution Finders

Lifelong Explorers

Disciples of Christ

This year is particularly bittersweet for me.  Evergreen feels like home and you feel like family.  Thank you for the incredible honor of serving as your principal these past four years.  Evergreen is a special place.

Ann Bakker
He is before all things, and in him, all things hold together. Colossians 1:17

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