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Grand Rapids Christian Launches Partnership with CLC for Student Support Services Study

Dear Parents of Grand Rapids Christian Schools Students,

Grand Rapids Christian Schools seeks to support and celebrate the gifts and abilities of all students. In partnership with parents and community organizations, students are provided targeted support and instruction so that each of them, as image-bearers of our Heavenly Father, grow spiritually, academically, and socially as servants of Christ.

In that light, we are committed to provide K-12 students with aligned student support services - including academic interventions, inclusion services, school social work support, and services for students with academic talents - that encourage smooth transitions between elementary, middle, and high school levels. Grand Rapids Christian Schools seeks to engage parents in that process in order to position students to reach their full potential.

Christian Learning Center Network (CLC) has been a long time friend of Grand Rapids Christian Schools.  The Board of Trustees is excited to announce a partnership with the CLC for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive review specifically of Grand Rapids Christian High School's student support services.

The site study will begin this month and engage CLC consultants, high school staff, students, parents, and members of our board. The goal of the study is to renew our vision of learning and commitment to our students, ensure we align learning experiences with best practices in order to provide the best possible educational experience for all students, and identify areas where we may continue to further strengthen the services we provide.

The review is part of our ongoing effort and demonstrated commitment to be leaders in providing an inclusive and culturally intelligent school community. Many thanks to the CLC and our dedicated faculty for committing to this study. We look forward to further strengthening our student support services and achieve our mission to prepare students to be Christ's effective servants for generations to come.

For additional information, please contact Nick DeKoster, Director of Academic and Innovative Programs, at or 616.574.5515.