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High School Principal's Corner — April 21, 2020

Thy Kingdom Come

Thank you for your attention to the many details that come with our off-campus learning plan. We continue to celebrate our students’ and families’ hard work as we gather virtually to continue learning. 

In my personal devotions, I’ve been reading a series of theologian N.T. Wright’s reflections on the Lord’s Prayer. He titles the devotional series, “A Journey from Worry to Confident Hope”, which is particularly relevant right now.  

I was struck by his reflection on the line “Thy Kingdom Come.” Wright notes that when we pray “Thy Kingdom Come” we certainly are remembering Christ’s ultimate victory over the grave. We also, however, “continue to pray for kingdom-moments on earth now, as in heaven, wherever sin and death are trying to choke the life out of us, out of those we love, or out of people in God’s world.” I appreciate Wright’s call for us to pray “Thy Kingdom Come” as we specifically think of those impacted during this global crisis. Perhaps your prayers turn to our leaders and politicians, our healthcare workers, those with mental illnesses, or those who are experiencing financial hardships. 

Truthfully, all of us have felt this darkness over the last month. Let’s join together in calling on God’s Spirit to be present and for His Kingdom to come as we proclaim his faithfulness even during this pandemic.

-Brad Mockabee