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High School Principal's Corner — May 5, 2020

Staff Appreciation

This week we intentionally celebrate our faculty and staff. As you know, we have an amazing staff that deserves to be celebrated each year. This spring, however, I’m especially eager to celebrate them and share all the many ways that they serve our students and the GRCHS community.

During this time of off-campus learning, many teachers have navigated homeschooling their own children while maintaining high expectations for their students. They quickly learned best practices in online education, even when it brought them out of their comfort zones.

Our staff is made up of passionate followers of Jesus Christ who model Biblical principles daily for their students. They are content experts, but the focus of their classes goes far beyond the content and skills in their standards. They teach our students to follow God’s call to practice hospitality, compassion, service, and empathy for those around them. 

Our staff manages to both form deep, meaningful relationships with students and to maintain high expectations. They pray for their students, attend their extracurricular events, and work tirelessly to support their academic, social, physical, and spiritual needs. They view each child as an image-bearer of Christ, showing hospitality that makes GRCHS an inclusive community for all students. They humbly collaborate with their teaching teams, enthusiastically learning from each other, and growing in their craft. 

As the GRCHS principal, but even more as a GRCHS parent, I’m so thankful for our staff and the way they pour into the lives of our children. Please join me in praying for them and in celebrating them this week. If you have time to send a note of encouragement, I know they would appreciate it. Thank you for your continued partnership this spring!  

In Christ, 
Brad Mockabee

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your teaching, then teach.” 
—Romans 12: 6-7