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High School Principal's Corner — April 27, 2021

Celebrating Our Teachers!

As you likely know, our teachers are the “backbone” of our school. As the principal, and also as a parent, I daily give God thanks for the Christian teachers working with our students. Although teaching is a very fulfilling profession, to do it well is nothing short of exhausting.  I remember my first day working outside the classroom as an administrator. I was shocked that when 3:00 came around, I wasn’t completely exhausted! This is true in a normal teaching year and to say that teaching has been difficult throughout the past year is a huge understatement. 

May 3 — 7 is “teacher appreciation week” and I can think of no other group of people as worthy of being appreciated.

Every day our teachers plan lessons and assessments that are appropriate for both in-person and virtual learners. They quickly adjust to the daily surprise of which students are now learning virtually. They wash each student’s hands and require each desk to be washed and returned to the tape on the floor at the end of class to maximize physical distancing. They carefully follow a routine in each class where they start a Zoom meeting, record it, and upload the recording so students can watch it later.

There is no doubt that they do so many new things this year, but an additional challenge has been the things they’ve given up.

The reality is that our teachers didn’t get into the profession to operate Swivl cameras or to run Zoom meetings. They became teachers to form genuine relationships with students and to share their gifts and passions in ways that connect their students to God’s world. We also have a staff that very much enjoys each other's company and we have had to give up a lot of those interactions amongst colleagues.

Although so many of the things that they love about teaching are not part of their work this year, they haven’t settled for students simply “turning in work” or “showing up for class.” Their focus is not just on teaching, but rather on student learning. They have managed to get to know their students despite masks, physical distancing, and virtual learning.

Most importantly, they have modeled a faith in Jesus Christ that provides their students with hope and peace about the future. 1 Peter 3:15 reminds me of the example that our teachers have been this year:

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect”

I’m so grateful for the incredible work and flexibility of our teachers this year as well as the spirit with which they’ve worked. If you feel so called, please join us next week as we celebrate. Perhaps you or your student could write a note to your teachers.

If you would like to, please use this link to contribute financially so we can celebrate our teachers with lunch and other treats.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support and for joining us in celebrating our teachers next week!


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