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High School Principal's Corner — February 2, 2021

Anticipating Winterim 2021

Yesterday the 2021 Winterim Course Catalog was finally unveiled. As with most things this year, we had to be flexible and patient. Normally, we would have already completed Winterim, but this year, it is scheduled for the last two weeks in March. We definitely will miss travel opportunities, but innovative courses, off-campus internships, and a few other virtual options are very exciting. Winterim 2021 will undoubtedly be worth the wait!

Nine years ago, I was the first administrator to coordinate this new and exciting program. Even in the first year, I remember students telling of experiences in courses, internships, or travel that were life-changing. There was a renewed, child-like awe of God’s world and an acknowledgment that learning could and should happen anywhere. Students who typically did not love school were going on and on about finally feeling like they were “good at something.” 

Since that time, GRCS created the Portrait of a Graduate. As I read through this year’s course catalog, I couldn't help but think about all the opportunities for our students to use their unique gifts and discover passions as they grow in these traits. Here are just a few examples that jumped out at me. 

In Difficult Conversations with Mr. Borst, students learn to be Communicators and Collaborators. Science in the Real World with Mrs. Kits sets up students to be Lifelong Explorers as they learn amazing things about God’s world. Students grow to be more Culturally Competent as they take World Tour: Grand Rapids Edition with Ms. Das and Ms. Konyndyk. Our freshmen learn to be Thoughtful Neighbors in Life Together as they get to know their classmates and serve our West Michigan community. Students who take GRPD: Youth Academy learn about a career as a Justice Seeker. In The January Series: Grappling with Great Ideas, taught by Mr. Campbell, students discuss some of the world’s most complex issues and learn to be Creative Solution Finders. Our prayer is that in each course, students learn more about their gifts and passions and see more clearly what it means to be Disciples of Christ in God’s kingdom.

We are so grateful for our community partners who make Winterim possible and for all these amazing experiences that will help shape our students. Please join me in praying for a great Winterim!


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