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High School Principal's Corner — September 6, 2022

The Eagle Blueprint

As some of you may know, GRCS has unveiled new core values this fall. They are “Christ,” “Community,” and “Commitment.” Core values do not represent everything that is important, but rather capture the things that are most important to us. They assist us in making difficult decisions and assure that we stay aligned as a school community. 

Last year, the GRCHS administration partnered with the Executive Branch of our student council to examine the way these values impact our behaviors. What we came up with is called “The Eagle Blueprint.” The Eagle Blueprint is a list of positive behaviors or commitments that align with our values. We believe that if we commit to live together this way, we will thrive as a Christian school community. 


GATHER together in community

GLORIFY God through prayer, praise, and worship

GROW in our knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ 

GO in peace in the presence of the Holy Spirit



WELCOME and INCLUDE our neighbors 

LISTEN to, RESPECT, and SEEK JUSTICE for those around us 

ENCOURAGE one another and CELEBRATE our unique stories and gifts

CARE for our school and PRACTICE stewardship 



EXPLORE God’s world and ENGAGE in new opportunities to DISCOVER my gifts  

LIVE WITH INTEGRITY in words and actions and SEEK RESTORATION after conflict

WORK to achieve my personal best and PERSEVERE in difficult situations

BALANCE all aspects of life and CARE for my spiritual, physical, and mental health

We have already referenced these behaviors in our chapel time, small groups, and the senior retreat. We encourage you to discuss these behaviors with your student and to explore ways that they can contribute to our school community. 

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. It has been a wonderful start to the school year!


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