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High School Principal's Corner — October 4, 2022


It’s homecoming week at GRCHS! When we think of homecoming week, we often think of school pride and fun events like the homecoming dance. There’s no doubt that we’re having fun this week. Yesterday students roamed the halls in their most comfy clothes. I’ve never seen so many “snuggies.” Today, students bring their school supplies in anything but a backpack. The rest of the week is filled with similar opportunities to celebrate our school. 

We are thankful for these joyous events, but pray that our students, alumni, and all those who visit will see our love for Jesus in the way we build our home. Our home is much more than a collection of buildings or a group of people. We want our Grand Rapids Christian “home” to be a place that delights in God’s presence; a safe place where we find refuge in the Lord, our rock in times of trouble. We pray it’s a home where each member of our body is welcomed, valued, and celebrated as an image-bearer of Christ.

Thanks for celebrating with us this week and for praying that we continue to build a home in Grand Rapids Christian that brings honor and glory to God.


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