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Iroquois Principal's Corner - May 9, 2023

As we are nearing the end of this current school year, plans are already underway for next school year. One significant portion of our planning is the creation of class lists. Class makeup is a significant part of a child’s education that teachers and administration take very seriously. 

You should know that making class lists requires a substantial amount of time for our teachers, and they commit to making lists that are best for kids. They are reviewing every child’s current year in detail, including their academic and social needs, to make the best decision about which teacher they will have the following year. Classroom teachers, educational support staff, co-curricular teachers, and administration collaboratively communicate and evaluate the best possible setting for each student. It is intense! The amount of care and consideration that each child gets in this process is significant.

Parents, as you begin thinking about next year, I ask that you know and trust that your child will be in good hands. That the teacher that is chosen for them is outstanding. That significant thought and prayer have gone into this decision. Your child's teacher next year will know, love and care for each of their students. 

We ask that you trust our care and attention to making class lists. If you have any information you would like to share that could impact your child’s placement, please email me by Friday, May 5, so that information can be considered ( We are not accepting preferential requests out of fairness to all students and families. 

We love your kids. We owe it to them to put them in the best setting we can provide. Thank you for your partnership as we nurture and educate these precious children of God.

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