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Iroquois Principal's Corner - December 6, 2022

Every year the Iroquois campus has a food drive to support the pantry at the East
Congregational Church, just a block west of the building. A lady from the church, Dianne, helps
us coordinate the drop-off times. We have a few teachers and students help unload every year,
and Dianne is out helping each year.

I had the opportunity to help during the after-school shift this year and spent a short while
talking with Dianne. Dianne is pretty chatty and has some great stories. Dianne said, “I’ve got
all kinds of ‘angel’ stories.” She then proceeded to share two pretty amazing stories from her
life that included being helped out by other people when she was stranded in her vehicle. She
said those people who helped were angels as they showed up at just the right time.

I think Dianne is an angel or at least a person who is full of the Holy Spirit. So many
conversations take place around a problem. Maybe we find ourselves complaining to others
about something. We can find ourselves talking about things that are wrong. Dianne inspired
me to focus on stories that are positive, hopeful and amazing. I should say, her rescue stories of service and grace all took place in the blowing cold of which she joyfully stood in excitement,
having a conversation with me. I think Dianne is an angel.

I share this with you to relay some of the light Dianne shared with me. Share the good stories.
Share the positivity, hope, and amazement of God working in your life. Replace a complaint
with a praise. After all, this is Christmas time and a great time to share the Good News.

I pray you have a Merry Christmas season!

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