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Iroquois Principal's Corner — January 11, 2022

Happy New Year, and welcome back to school! It’s great seeing kids again breathe life into the walls of the Iroquois building again. I hope your break was just what you needed.

We are all facing a new year. What is 2022 going to bring? As we reflect on our past years, it’s safe to say each year has so much to celebrate, and certainly things we have dreaded, saddened by, or were frustrated with. I can’t imagine 2022 will be any different. 

When I go on a road trip, I usually bring a small toolbox with me. Some people I know have AAA roadside assistance in case their vehicle breaks down. Our cars have spare tires and emergency flashers (hazards) in case we are stuck alongside the road. We face road trips prepared for emergencies; however, I’ve never started a road trip expecting an emergency. I’m simply prepared for one. 

Maybe we should face 2022 in the same way. We read Scripture, talk to God in prayer, embrace healthy friendships and our relationships for support. Indeed, all good things to have anyway, but they also prepare us for emergencies. In our brokenness, we crave control and want to handle challenges in our own way. The challenges we face can seem impossible, but with God by our side and a healthy system of support, we can get past a challenge in a way we would never expect on our own. 

Our relationship with Jesus is far more special and amazing than having it solely for emergencies. So while we face 2022 with the expectation of good times and not-so-good times, I invite you to join me in having a relationship with Jesus and have a wonderful year with him by our side.

Have a great week and a great 2022!

—John Barkel

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